How To Install Siding

If you are bent on improving the exterior appearance of your house then it is quite essential for you to learn How To Install Siding. This is because a siding is the most useful idea to improve the exterior décor of any house. However, the main problem lies in the fact there are thousands of home owners who do not have the expertise in installing siding. A siding not only improves the décor of the house but also increases the value of a house. Apart from this, installing siding can save a lot of money for the future. Nevertheless, if you do not have the expertise or any idea about the installation procedure of siding then it is best to hire the services of a professional.

Installing Fiberglass Siding

Fiberglass siding is lightweight, strong and best of all it is inexpensive. This type of siding helps in protecting a house from moisture and heat damage. Fiberglass, the material plays a very important role in rendering a house a very distinctive and fresh look. Fiberglass possesses a self-aligning, interlocking and coordinating design which easily gets into place for that ideal fit. Installing a fiberglass siding is very easy and the only things that you might require are caulk, nails, tape measure, builder’s felt and hammer.

How To Install SidingThe Steps in Installing Fiberglass Siding

First you need to use the tape measure for measuring the house exterior so that you can determine the exact siding amount that you will require. Here, you ought to subtract the width and the height of all the windows and doors. The measurements have to be used when purchasing fiberglass siding from the market. Now, apply builder’s felt to the exposed areas of the walls. This felt should also be applied around window and door frames and in corners in order to render excellent weatherproofing. Now, the starter strip which comes in handy with fiberglass siding needs to be applied. This starter strip has to be applied on the edge of exposed walls securing it in place with the use of nails. The procedure should be repeated for all the exposed sections of the house. After applying the starter strip, the siding panels need to be applied. The panels have to be installed on the starter strip directly securing them in perfect place with the use of nails. This way the entire house should be covered with fiberglass siding. Use a table saw for trimming any siding intersecting with the windows or the doors and for siding exceeding the wall height. Post covering the entire house with fiberglass siding, try running caulk along the house corners as this serves as a waterproofing layer.

Installing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is widely approved by architects, homeowners and builders because it works very well in preserving the exterior of the house. Vinyl siding can be maintained very easily and at the same time it is comparatively less expensive than fiberglass siding. Installing vinyl siding is very simple and it goes a long way in transforming the appearance of any house. However, in order to fetch maximum benefits, vinyl siding needs to be installed in the perfect manner. The tools that you will require for the installation procedure include screw driver, hammer, level, tin snips, utility knife and chalk line.

The Steps in Installing Vinyl Siding

Installation procedure of vinyl siding is completely dependent on manufacturers. The panels should be able to move freely from one side to another to allow contraction and expansion. The lock should be placed in accurate contact with underneath piece while fixing the siding. The panels need to be nailed in perfect place avoiding the chances of stretching. Fasteners and nails need to be placed in the slot center. It is recommended to leave at least a quarter of an inch of clearance space. Corner posts should be used for covering the panel ends and therefore there should no alterations be made to the outside and the inside of the posts. Installing vinyl siding is all about enhancing the outdoor finish of a property. The user-friendly methods of installation have turned the entire procedure hassle-free and easily adoptable.